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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

The general terms and conditions apply as follows:

  1. The following general terms and conditions apply to the hotel accommodation lease agreement, including additional services and deliveries from New Square Patong Hotel Operations. (Hereinafter referred to as “hotels”) for customers.
  2. Subleasing and leaving rooms, including use for purposes other than accommodation, requires the written consent of the hotel.
  3. Customer’s opposite condition must be applied prior to any written agreement.
  4. Summary of the Contract Contracting Party Contract Liabilities
    1. The Agreement applies to the acceptance of the hotel. The hotel is free to confirm the booking in writing.
    2. Contracting parties are the hotel and the customer. If Third Party Orders are jointly placed on the Third Party Customer’s Account and are severely liable to the Customer for all contractual obligations available to the Hotel, the Third Party Appropriate Order.
  5. Service, price, payment, invoicing
    1. The hotel is responsible for preparing the guest rooms for customers and providing services according to the contract.
    2. In the use of additional rooms and services, the customer is obliged to pay the correct price in the order of the contract price. This also applies to the services and expenses of the hotel on. Three organized by customers
    3. Contract prices are inclusive of VAT. Provides a period between the conclusion and performance of the contract exceeding four months and the price that is generally calculated. For increased hotel service, the hotel has the right to sufficiently raise the contract price, up to 5%.
    4. The hotel reserves the right to adjust the price in the event that the customer wishes to amend later on the number of rooms under the hotel service contract or the length of the stay and the hotel agrees.
    5. Hotel invoices that do not have a payment date must be paid without discounts within ten (10) days of the invoice date if different contracts are not entered into. In case of late payment, the hotel has the right to charge interest by law.
    6. The Hotel reserves the right to charge a reasonable advance or bail at the end of the contract or later on the legal requirements of all inclusive travel. The amount of the advance payment and the payment date must be entered into a written contract.
    7. The Customer has the right to compensate or reduce hotel claims based on indisputable or legal claims.
  6. Termination of the contract by the customer
    1. The customer has the right to terminate the contract prior to obtaining the written consent of the hotel. In the absence of written consent, the contractual price must be paid even if the customer has not received it. Use all contracted services This does not apply in breach of the hotel’s obligations to determine the rights, legal object and interests of the customer, if it is not appropriate for the customer to Perform the performance of a contract or if the customer has legal or other contractual rights for cancellation.
    2. If the cancellation date there is a written contract between the hotel and the customer, the customer has the right to cancel the contract until that date without causing any payment requirements or claims. For damage from the hotel Customer’s right of cancellation will expire if he does not exercise this right in writing to the hotel until the agreed date if the cancellation is not in accordance with the contract.
  7. Subleasing and letting of rooms and their use for purposes other than accommodation requires the written consent of the hotel.
  8. Contrary to Customer’s terms must apply prior to any written agreement.
    1. If the customer does not use the entire contractual room and the hotel can sell the room, otherwise the hotel is required to provide credit for the rental of the room and other expenses that are saved.
    2. The hotel is entitled to charge a lump sum for any damage caused and refund by the customer. Then the customer will have to pay 90% for a night’s room with or without breakfast, 70% for Half board and 60% for full service of the contract price. Customers are free to prove there is no damage or less than the required amount.
  9. Termination of Contract by the Hotel
    1. Provides the Customer the right to terminate the contract within the period specified in the contract in writing, the Hotel, for his part, has the right to terminate the contract if requested by another customer for The room to which the contract is made and the customer waives the right to withdraw from the contract upon inquiry. Place of fulfillment and jurisdiction must be the domicile of the hotel. Payment Terms and Conditions You agree to abide by guidelines, orders, operating regulations. Policies and advice on the payment of goods and services through the platform. Includes any amendments to the foregoing, which are enforced by us. And deemed that you acknowledge and agree to be bound by such changes When it is published on the platform These terms and conditions of payment are applicable to any order for products and services.

Payments made by you and the seller only. Product and order

  1. The agreement and consent to payment takes place by you and the seller directly. Which you have accepted in every detail of the room Including the price of the room and pre-order service.
  2. You acknowledge the Seller’s best efforts to provide accurate description of the Products. We and the seller do not warrant that such room and service details will be correct. It is current and free from any errors.
  3. Orders after payment will be deemed irrevocable and will not have any additional conditions. Again when the order is already through the platform Seller has the right to process such order without further consent from you. In some cases, you may request the seller to cancel or amend the order.

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